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The Rise and Fall of a Scientific Genius: The Forgotten Story of Royal Raymond Rife
Written, Produced and Directed by Shawn Montgomery (c) 2004 Zero Zero Two Productions

Part II: Rife's Fall
(71 min.)
Two years ago, I had the pleasure to view Rife's Rise, the first part of this documentary series (see 10/03).
It was so good, I wanted everyone to see it. I feel the same way about the second part, Rife's Fall. But don't fear:
if you have come in late, there is an excellent summary of who Rife was and what he did.

Again, this is an excellent documentary and it features genuine audio recordings from over 40 years ago of Royal
Raymond Rife himself, explaining research and technical details.

This documentary covers the story of Rife's downfall following the success he achieved in the 1930s in terms of his
supermicroscopes and Beam Ray machines, sponsors and colleagues, clinical and published research. It was when
others sought to profit from Rife that his troubles began.

Prior to his demise, there had been a growing movement towards pleomorphism as a more complete "germ theory";
it can be described as the action of one life-form changing into another life-form. According to this line of thought, the
medium - i.e., the blood, not the germ-is seen as the agent responsible for disease.

Pleomorphism, the Rife Beam Ray and the Rife Universal Microscope all stood to revolutionize medicine with
drug-free cures for all infectious diseases-which was the last thing the growing pharmaceutical companies of the
time wanted to compete against.

If you are at all interested in Rife's research, and the tactics employed to ensure it would be suppressed, then
this is yet another "must have" video.

Nexus Magazine 2005

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